Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to own a horse to join the Equestrian Team?

No.  We practice using our barn’s horses so there is no need to own your own horse. When we go to shows we use the host school’s horses.

How much are lessons, and how often do you practice?

Western lessons are $25.00 with a chore occurring before or after your lesson.  English lessons are $35.00. Lessons occur once a week but if a rider desires they can have more than one lesson a week.

When can I join the team?

In the beginning of each semester we are able to accept new riders.  However, if you decide in the middle of a semester that you are interested, we encourage you to contact us.  That way you can schedule your evaluation ride and start practicing with us before you ride in competition.

How much do shows cost?

Show fees are $35.00 per class.  The number of classes you compete in depends on your discipline and designated competition level. Coaches fees will also apply.

Is it required that all riders compete?

We ask that all riders are working toward showing, but we understand that not everyone is prepared to show the moment they join the team. Coaches make the final decision about whether or not a rider is prepared for the show ring.

What equipment is needed?

The only equipment that you need are your clothes. English practices in breeches, a polo or nice shirt, field or paddock boots, and a SEI certified helmet. Western practices in jeans and their western boots. Additional equipment and clothes will be needed for show and can be discussed with the team coach.

When are meetings?

Meetings are Monday nights at 9:00 in Eppler Center, Room 221.

Other Questions?

Contact us at:

BGSUEquestrianTeam@gmail.com or facebook.com/BGSUEquestrianTeam