English Team

In the English division, we ride in the Hunt Seat Equitation. Hunt Seat riders sit in the forward position and can be judged over fences or on the flat. On our team, riders are expected to practice once to twice a week at our barn, Beethoven Farm. In these practices all riders are working towards improving position, control, and technique.

When joining the team all new riders will be evaluated by the coach (Patty Saunders), in order to be placed in the proper IHSA division. This placement is based on the evaluation and past riding/showing experience.


IHSA Hunt Seat Equitation Classes

Class 1          Introductory Hunter Seat Equitation (flat only)
Class 2A       Pre-Novice Equitation (flat only)
Class 2B.      Novice Equitation (flat only)
Class 3         Limit Equitation on the flat
Class 4         Limit Equitation over fences
Class 5         Intermediate Equitation on the flat
Class 6         Intermediate Equitation over fences
Class 7         Open Equitation on the flat
Class 8         Open Equitation over fences